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Between 1975 and 1980 Anita van der Krol-van Hasselt (1946) from the Netherlands took hundreds of black and white analog photographs, as well as colour diapositives of everyday life in the Dubai area.
Living as an expat in Jumeirah, she became one of the first inhabitants of Jebel Ali village. The wife of a Dutch dredging engineer who worked on the Creek, Port Rashid, Drydock and Mina(harbour)Jebel Ali, Anita was in a unique position to shoot intimate pictures of Arab men, women and children. She managed to win their confidence and respect and their permission to be photographed.

Since its date of origin Anita's B&W photographs have rapidly become part of Dubai's national history, because of the country's sweepingly fast development over the last decades. These selected photographs offer a rare insight into the inherent culture of Dubai just before the town started changing into the shiny metropolis we see emerging today.

The Bedouin photographs from the desert must have been among the last taken, before this entire population group gave up their nomadic existence and settled down near the town.

In the first few years an Olympus OM 35 SLR camera was used, followed by a Nikon F2a in later days.                      


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